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We are a manufacturer  Plywood Factory, Hi-Pressure Plywood, Film Faced Plywood, and Resin Plywood.

Virgin Wood Enterprises is one of Pakistan’s leading Shuttering Plywood Manufacturing company. Formed in 2012, the foremost objective of the company was to introduce modern construction plywood technology in Pakistan. Soon after its existence, it acquired a very sound position by attaining considerable market share and soon became one of the leading Plywood manufacturer Factory in Pakistan in terms of quality.

Creating our future's Building

Our mission as a manufacturer as well as a company is to create long-term value for our partners, employees, workers and through a passionate commitment to excellence and a disciplined management process, which together drive sustained competitive advantage both in domestic and global markets.

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Virgin Wood Enterprises

Virgin Wood Enterprises is one of Pakistan’s leading Shuttering Plywood Manufacturing organizations.


Virgin Wood Enterprises


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Our Production Process

Peeling Machine

Peeling machine is used to peel the core veneer for the plywood making. it is used after the wood log de-baker machine.It is suitable different wood type and different wood size.

Glue Spreader Process

Glue spreader machine is a important plywood is used to coat the glue on core veneer. glue spreader is the specialist to spread the glue uniformly on Plywood.

Hot press Machine

A hot press Machine is used to produce Plywood, Block Boards, Flush Doors, etc. This Press consists of Main Frame, Hydraulic Power Unit & PLC Controlled Electric Panel.

Home Delivery

Fast Home Delivery

We Provide the fast home delivery to our customers at a specific time that promised by our customers.

In Pakistan

We send our best quality Plywood sheets in all cities of Pakistan at very short time to our regular customers.

In Abroad Countries

We send our products abroad countries like china, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and many more countries at specific time.

Customers Reviews

Amin Firdus

A great experience with Virgin Wood Enterprises about quality and time in Pakistan it is best plywood company.

Hassan Ali

We have imported plywood from Virgin Wood a very good quality. Solid High-Pressure Plywood in Pakistani Market.

Junaid Ahmed

We have bought plywood from Virgin Wood Enterprises that was of outstanding quality with Commitment.