Shuttering Plywood Products

Shuttering Plywood products are Film faced Plywood and Marine Plywood and Shuttering Plywood and Concrete Form-work Plywood and  Phenolic Plywood and Laminated plywood 18mm, Commercial Plywood and Racks Plywood and High Pressure Koreanplex Plywood and Marineplytc Plywood and  Duraplex Plywood.

Koreanplex Plywood

Koreanplex Plywood is cut into layers which are then felted and hot-pressed to form the sheets. So, the primary bond is derived from the felting and inherent adhesive and properties of the fiber.

Marineplex Plywood

Marine plex Plywood is cut into layers which are then felted and hot pressed to form the sheets. So, The primary bond is derived from the felting and inherent.

Hi-Pressure Plywood

Plywood is a sheet material manufactured from thin layers and “ Plies “ of wood veneer that are glued together with adjacent layers having their wood grains.

Duraplex Plywood

Duraplex Plywood is a Panel with exceptional durable properties due to an innovative ply to ply treatment. So, Fungi and insect resistant.

Tigerplex Plywood

Tiger plywood is an excellent quality hardwood plywood and which is resistant to staining. So, it is used in the fabrication of cabinets, millwork and furniture.

Commercial Plywood

Commercial Plywood is made from thin sheets (veneers) of wood glued together and each with its grain in perpendicular directions.

Shuttering Plywood products.

Korenplex Plywood

Marineplex Plywood

High-Pressure Plywood

Duraplex Plywood

Tigerply Plywood

Commercial Plywood

Virgin Wood Enterprises

Virgin Shuttering Plywood is one of Pakistan’s leading Shuttering Plywood Manufacturing organizations. Formed in 2012, the foremost objective of the company was to introduce modern remains in pursuit of the highest. So,  Virgin’s Wood R&D department standards of quality and innovating and applying modern technology in construction plywood.

high-pressure Plywood company
Shuttering Plywood

Korean Plywood is a sheet material that is brought by combining layers of wood veneer and which are glued together.

Korenplex Plywood Laminate is a type of durable and affordable countertop material. So,  It is made by pressing multiple layers of paper and Wood under high pressure and heat, which creates a compact and sturdy surface.

We Can Help You To Build Your Dream Home With Solid Plywood.

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