Shuttering Plywood Sheets

Shuttering plywood, also known as construction plywood, is a type of plywood that is specifically designed for use in concrete form-work.

It is made by bonding multiple layers of thin wood veneers together with an adhesive under high pressure and temperature, which gives it its high strength and durability.

Shuttering plywood

Smooth Shuttering Plywood

This plywood is available in different thicknesses and sizes to suit various construction needs.

It can be used for both horizontal and vertical form-work applications, such as columns, walls, beams, slabs, and foundations.

Shuttering Concrete Plywood

Concrete plywood is a specific type of plywood that is used as a form-work or molding for casting concrete structures. It is also known as film-faced plywood because of its smooth, glossy surface, which is made of a thin layer of water-resistant phenol film or resin.

The main advantage of using concrete shuttering plywood is its durability and strength.

It is designed to withstand the weight and pressure of the concrete while maintaining its shape and dimensions.

Shuttering Plywood

Shuttering Plywood

What is shuttering plywood?

Shuttering plywood, also known as form work plywood, is a type of plywood that is specifically designed for use in concrete form work or molds. It is made from high-quality hardwood veneers that are bonded together with waterproof glue and then coated with a phenolic resin film.

Is shutter plywood waterproof?

Yes, shuttering plywood is designed to be waterproof. It is coated with a phenolic resin film that makes it resistant to water, weather, and wear and tear. This makes it ideal for use in construction projects.

What is the difference between shuttering plywood?

Hardwood shuttering Plywood:It is made from high-quality hardwood veneers and is known for its durability and strength. Softwood shuttering plywood: It is made from softwood veneers and is generally less expensive than hardwood shuttering plywood.

What is the advantage of shuttering plywood?

Water-resistant: The phenolic resin film coating makes the plywood water-resistant, which is essential when using it in concrete form work. Durable: Shuttering plywood is durable and can withstand repeated use without losing its strength or shape.

How thick is shuttering plywood?

Shuttering plywood is available in various thicknesses, depending on the requirements of the construction project. The thickness of the plywood can range from 12mm to 18mm, with the most common thicknesses being 15mm and 18mm.

What is the highest quality Shuttering plywood?

The highest quality shuttering plywood is typically made from high-grade hardwood veneers and has a high-quality adhesive used to bond the veneers together. It should also have a high-quality film coating that makes it water-resistant and resistant to wear and tear.

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