What is Shuttering Plywood?

Shuttering Plywood

Shuttering plywood, often simply referred to as “shuttering” or “form work” in construction terminology. It is a type of plywood specifically designed for use in concrete form work. This plywood is an essential component of this formwork system.

Where Shuttering plywood are used?

Plywood Shuttering

The Shutter plywood finds widespread use in construction as an essential component for creating temporary molds. It is known as form work, into which concrete is poured. These form-work structures are integral to shaping concrete into various structural elements like walls, columns, and beams.

Shuttering Plywood

Is Shutter Plywood strong and waterproof?

This plywood is designed to be strong and capable of withstanding the weight and pressure of wet concrete without deforming or breaking. It is typically manufactured using high-quality wood veneers and is engineered to have good structural integrity.

Regarding waterproofing, this plywood is typically made with moisture-resistant adhesives, making it more resistant to moisture than regular plywood.

Shuttering Plywood