What is Low-Pressure Plywood?

What is Low Pressure Plywood?

Low-pressure Plywood

“Low-pressure plywood” is not a standard term used in the plywood industry. Plywood is typically manufactured by bonding layers of wood veneers together using adhesive under pressure and heat, but the specific pressure and temperature can vary depending on the type of plywood being produced and the manufacturing process used.

Is Low Pressure Plywood use in Shuttering?

Shuttering low-pressure plywood

Yes, this plywood is commonly used in construction as shuttering or formwork. Shuttering or formwork is temporary structural support used to mold concrete into the desired shape while it cures. It is a cost-effective option for this purpose.

Shuttering low-pressure plywood

Is Low-Pressure Plywood waterproof?

Plywood is not inherently waterproof. Waterproofing depends on the type of adhesive used to bond the veneer layers together and whether the plywood has been treated or coated with waterproofing agents.

Waterproof Plywood