Marineplex Plywood

Marineplex Plywood Sheets

The Marineplex Plywood is cut into layers which are then felted and hot pressed to form the sheets. The primary bond is derived from the felting and inherent adhesive properties of the fiber. It has become one of the most popular brands of Film Face Plywood in these regions and is known for its consistency and durability.

Marineplex Plywood

Manufacturer Plywood

It is typically made with a strong and durable core, such as hardwood or a combination of hardwood and softwood, and is faced with a high-quality veneer on both sides.

Marine Plywood Uses

In structural terms, plywood can be used for partitions, floors, ceilings, and sheathing. It is also used for decorative purposes both in exterior positions, such as cladding and doors, and internally as cabinets, shelves, and furniture.

This plywood and Baltic birch plywood are often considered to be among the stronger types of plywood. This plywood is designed to withstand moisture and is often used in boat building. Baltic birch plywood is known for its exceptional strength and durability and is frequently used in fine woodworking and cabinetry.