Low-Pressure Plywood

Low Pressure Plywood

Low Pressure Plywood usually has minor flaws that may require small repairs. It is slightly less smooth.

It is a plywood brand with good quality and proper price, can be used for construction and furniture Pressure-treated lumber is used only for exterior projects like raised garden beds or decks because it’s resistant to rotting and damage from insects. Thickness :18 mm Size :8*4

1) Film: Duraplex Brown Film
2) Glue: WBP, MR.
3) Core: Poplar, hardwood, combined

Uses of low pressure Plywood

 Ideal applications include displays, skylights, signage, windows, doors and any indoor/outdoor application where durability is needed.


Excellent optical clarity & transparency. Highly resistant to variations in temperature.p to 17 times the impact resistance of ordinary glass.

Made By

An economical alter native to poly-carbonate. It offers significantly more weather ability than standard PET G or poly carbonate.