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We have vast experience of both small and large scale of projects in Marineplex plywood Manufacturing.

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We are Manufacturing Marineplex plywood in Different size like 4mm, to 28 mm,

Plywood In Pakistan

Indoor & outdoor

We are Making Commercial Plywood for Different sizes and Uses Like Chairs, Table, Flooring Sheets, for Cabins, Packing and so on.

For Racks Manufacture

We also Produced Plywood for Industrial Warehouses Racks for Maximum Storage Capacity.

Racks Plywood

Virgin Wood Enterprises Company’s office is located in Lahore Pakistan. We have been specialized in manufacturing and providing best quality wood products for more than 10 years. Our products mainly include top grade film faced plywood. Our products are widely used in construction fields. Depending on excellent quality and after sales service, we have gained good reputation from clients.


Virgin Wood Enterprises mission and values are expressed in the company’s long term development promise to our partners, workers, and employees alike:

Virgin Wood Enterprises is where experience, handicraft and technology come together to create the best plywood products for the benefit of our clients, driven without compromise for a word in action.

Our mission as a manufacturer as well as a company is to create long-term value for our partners, employees, workers and through a passionate commitment to excellence and a disciplined management process, which together drive sustained competitive advantage both in domestic and global markets. We accomplished goals after goals successfully by developing industry-leading technology, optimizing process management, and delivering results for clients.

Our values are deeply rooted within the company and reflect our internally disciplined character. We committed to being a well-managed, results-oriented, service-driven company whose people have a passion for progress and a commitment to excellence. We constantly strive to be better partners with our clients and to be more connected, more forward-looking, and more client-focused than our competitors.

VIRGIN WOOD’s disciplined management process enables the company to focus on creating employees value while anticipating changing economic and industry environments. This management process emphasizes current and long-term planning, disciplined control, and clear priorities. We leverage the combined resources and know-how of our businesses for the benefit of our clients around the world.

We know that everything we accomplish rests on the skills, fidelity, commitment, and dedication of our workers and employees. We offer challenging, fair, and rewarding employment for our workers and employees and set high expectations for performance. We seek to create an environment where people can make a difference.

Everything we do reflects a commitment to the high standards of personal and company ethics. We reinforce these standards through ongoing training programs that reach all of our workers and employees. Our commitment to its workers, employees and partners includes a disciplined and transparent approach to company and business governance.


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